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When it comes to home security, there are many options available on the market. But if you’re looking for the best home security service in Alabama, Jackson Security Services offers installation, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring.

Below are the questions that we get most frequently. If you have further questions for our team or want to schedule a consultation or assessment, contact us at (205) 752-3569. Our team of security experts can help you decide on the best home security system to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

• What if I need help after-hours?

Our team is available to serve you 24/7. Whether you need product assistance, troubleshooting, have a question or a more serious emergency, we are here to help.


• How do your medical security devices work?

Home security is not just about security cameras and fire alarms. For those with health problems or elderly relatives, as well as those who frequently exercise alone, a medical security device is a great option to easily get help in case of a fall or other emergency.

Our Belle and Belle+ emergency pendants feature a call button that places emergency calls to either your friends and relatives or a system operator. We have options that also include emergency locating capabilities.


• Do you provide signs or decals?

Yes, as a customer of Jackson Security Services, you will receive several signs and decals to place around your home. These signs alone are often a deterrent to criminal activity. Crime stops before it even happens when a would-be burglar sees that your home is safeguarded.


• Why should I choose Jackson Security Services over other security companies?

At Jackson Security Services, your safety is our number one concern. As a local business, we maintain relationships with emergency services in our community of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You can rest assured that if you or a loved one find yourselves in an emergency, you are being watched and cared for by a team local to your community who can get aid to you in a snap.

Additionally, Jackson Security Services is your one-stop-shop for all home security needs. Instead of having to opt for services from several different companies to get your security cameras, medical alert devices, fire alarms, and monitoring services, Jackson Security Services does all of this work under one monthly bill.

Contact our team today to discuss what services work best for you. We are happy to do a security assessment and recommend the perfect system for you.


Product and Services Frequently Asked Questions


1. What’s the difference between a fire alarm and a fire monitoring system?

A standard fire alarm connects to your electrical system, sounding a siren when smoke is detected. A fire monitoring system connects to a central station that sounds a siren while dispatching the fire department.


2. Can JSS monitor my security system even though I bought it elsewhere?

Yes. We service and monitor all security and fire alarm systems on the market today.


3. Can JSS upgrade my existing security and fire system?

Yes, in most cases. If not, we suggest an alternate plan at a reasonable cost.


4. What security system does JSS suggest if I rent a home?

Renters should consider a wireless system that can move to any location.


5. Can JSS help me if I’ve never had a security system before?

Yes. We’re certified and trained to handle all security system questions.


6. Is it expensive to install security cameras?

The cost varies. Factors include: number of cameras; type of lens and recording device; color and resolution; and lighting.


7. Will I be able to view my security cameras from a remote location?

Yes. Your security cameras can be securely viewed from any location around the world.


8. When considering a recording device, what advantages does a DVR have over a VCR?

A DVR offers more storage, works with CDs instead of VCR tapes and can be viewed from a remote location at any designated time.


9. Does JSS install gate operators?

Yes. We install all types including slide, swing, and barrier. We also install gate communication systems powered by electricity or solar panels.


10. Does JSS install access control products?

Yes. Maglocks, door locks, card access, and biometric readers are just a few.


11. How can I get a quote from JSS?

Contact us today at (205) 752-3569 for a FREE on-site security system consultation.


12. What are your payment terms?

We accept all major credit cards and cash. We also provide leasing options with credit-approval.

For more information, call Jackson Security Services today at (205) 752-3569

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