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Jackson Security Services has developed and formulated its pricing to reflect our customers needs and requirements. All pricing is calculated on the per month cost to our customers of Jackson Security Services monitoring service.

There are three different payment plan options:

Annual Plan – Pay once for the whole year of service. You’ll pay $419.40 upfront for one year for Belle service, or $539.40 for one year of the Belle+ service. This option provides the best value as the monthly cost equates to $34.95 per month for Belle and $44.95 for Belle+. We will waive the $35 one-time activation fee. We’ll even pay for your shipping on this plan!

Quarterly Plan – Split the cost of service for a whole year into four equal payments. This plan offers great value with flexible payment options. Belle service is $113.85, which equates to $37.95 per month and we will waive the $35 one-time activation fee. Belle+ service is $143.80, which equates to $47.93 per month with no activation fee. We’ll even pay for you shipping on this plan!

Monthly Plan – Pay as you go with this option. This plan offers the greatest flexibility with monthly payments of $39.95 for Belle service and $49.95 for Belle+ service. Shipping is free on all monthly plans. Price to get started today for Belle is $39.95, or $49.95 for Belle+, and you never pay the $35 activation fee.


Regardless of your choice of plan, there is no equipment to purchase from Jackson Security Services. Our medical alert systems are designed for the specific purpose of keeping our customers safe. Other medical alert companies may try to lock customers into binding long-term contracts through the sale of equipment. This method of handcuffing customers into their service is a method we do not use or condone. We want our customers to be with us long-term because of our competitive pricing and outstanding service, not because they feel forced.

When a customer ends their service agreement with Jackson Security Services, all we ask for is the return of our equipment. There is no need for the customer to hold onto a piece of equipment of which they would have very little use, let alone be charged for that equipment. We think this arrangement is the fair and right thing to do and our customers agree with us.


Jackson Security Services has a no questions asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You may cancel your service and receive a full refund of your service plan costs if you call us and cancel within 30 days. We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to return the system to Jackson Security Services. After we receive your system, we will refund your service plan payment.


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