The peace of mind that comes from the personal security of your loved ones cannot be underestimated. For some individuals at higher risk for medical issues, that added security comes in the form of a medical alert device.

With the addition of products like the Belle medical alert system, security systems have become more technologically advanced and user-friendly than devices of the past.

Medical alert devices are no longer confined to home use due to mobile technology. This means that you or your loved one remain protected both at home and on the go.


Belle Medical Alert Device Features

The Belle device has been designed to fit the needs of an active individual who wants protection even when outside of the home.

This lightweight device is worn as a pendant or on the wrist and is small enough to be discreetly worn while on the go.

The push-button design makes it easy to contact emergency personnel or family members in the case of a medical event.

Belle comes in two different device options, the Belle and the Belle+. Both devices have the same basic features.

• Cellular-enabled, with added GPS tracking for Belle+
• Microphone for voice response to operator questions
• Safe to be worn in the shower
• Lightweight, 1.8 ounces for the Belle and 2.3 ounces for the Belle+
• Long battery life and a short three hour charging time


Belle Medical Alert Service

The Belle device works on the AT&T cellular network, allowing the user to move freely from place to place without losing the medical alert protection.

For a monthly fee, you are continually protected at the push of a button. Once the alert is activated, family or other designated contacts will be informed, and emergency services will be dispatched as needed.

The Belle+ device features added fall detection and GPS tracking, so even if the button is not pressed an operator can assess the situation in the event of a fall.


Get Started With Your Belle Device

If you or a loved one could benefit from the protection of a medical alert device, contact Jackson Security Services today to see if the Belle medical alert system is right for you.

Due to the cellular connectivity, this device provides protection both inside and outside of the home, allowing all users with an active lifestyle to enjoy all life has to offer without worrying about an emergency medical event.

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