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Fire alarm systems are lifesaving security systems. By installing a fire alarm or fire monitoring system, you’re taking steps toward protecting your family and your home from disaster.

Jackson Security Services offers Tuscaloosa residents multiple fire system options and an easy installation process. Learn about our featured systems and make an appointment to get one installed today.


How Does Installing a Fire Alarm Increase The Security of Your Home?

All security systems you install give you added layers of protection in an unpredictable world. Fire systems are especially useful because they can aid in minimizing property damage, injury, and casualties.

Like other home security systems, syncing your fire system with your smartphone lets you check in on your home while on the go as well as forewarns you of possible danger.


Fire Alarms vs. Fire Monitoring Systems

Fire alarm systems are connected to the electrical system in your home, either wired or wirelessly, and are controlled via a control panel. Thanks to sensors placed throughout the home or commercial space, they can detect the presence of heat, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Fire monitoring systems go one step further. These security systems are connected to a central hub and when smoke is detected, automatically contact your local fire department.


Why You Should Choose Jackson Security for Your Fire Alarm System

Jackson Security Services is the premier security service provider in the Tuscaloosa area. Our team of trusted, local professionals know the area and how best to help based on the needs of our community. We’ve helped thousands of customers secure their homes and property.


Our Process

The Jackson Security Services team of local experts will assess your property, recommend a system that is right for you and install your new system. Our job doesn’t end there, however.

We also train you on how your new system works so you feel confident and empowered. For questions on how the process works, give our helpful team a call.


Schedule a Consultation Today!

Fire alarm systems save lives and can ensure that any fire, smoke or carbon monoxide damage is minimized since it enables first responders to respond quickly and efficiently. To fully protect your Tuscaloosa home with the latest in fire security, contact Jackson Security Services today.

When away from home, an automated fire detection system can alert you to the fire, pinpoint the exact location, and of course, the central station sends the alarm to the local firefighter officials. These remote, automatic systems provide the ultimate protection of life and property

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