Burglar/Fire Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar/Fire Alarm Systems | Jackson Security ServicesToday’s local news is shocking. Home invasions and burglaries are a daily occurrence. Every family’s situation is unique and merits a custom safety plan designed by a licensed security technician. JSS provides the latest glass break detection, motion sensors and wireless products. Your fire and alarm systems are connected to a 24/7 monitoring station.

Today’s technology provides added protection. For example, when you are away, you can monitor your home by using your smart phone, tablet or personal computer video screen. Interior/exterior video camera’s can survey home activities; interior and exterior lighting can be adjusted; and security locks tested and reset.

Fire Alarm Systems

Burglar/Fire Alarm Systems | Jackson Security ServicesJackson Security Services offers numerous fire protection options. When at home, the fire/smoke alarm detector connects to your electrical system and sounds the alert when smoke or excessive heat is detected. This alarm also connects to the central station that dispatches firefighters to your home.

When away from home, an automated fire detection system can alert you to the fire, pinpoint the exact location, and of course the central station sends the alarm to the local fire fighter officials. These remote, automatic systems provide the ultimate protection of life and property

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