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Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere. Home invasions, break-ins, and other threats loom large in the news headlines. However, the good news is that technology makes it much easier to protect your home and family. To protect your home most effectively, you need a safety plan designed just for you by a licensed security technician. The layout of your home and neighborhood, traffic patterns of the family, and your comfort level with technology are all part of the equation. Burglar alarm systems serve multiple functions and include various components.

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Glass Break Detection

Glass break detection alerts you if windows or doors are breached. The sensors in these systems listen for the specific frequency of glass shattering. You want these sensors installed professionally because they must be strategically placed and carefully tested to prevent false alarms.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors tell you when someone enters your home, but they can also be configured to monitor the perimeter of your property. A motion sensor may trigger an alarm, or it may turn on lights to deter criminals. These systems can be customized to your home so that they don’t alert you because of pets or other animals.

Camera Systems Interior and exterior camera systems capture activity around the clock. One example of the tools available is the Sky Bell WIFI video doorbell system. It lets you see and speak to visitors through your smartphone as soon as they step to your door.


Lighting, both inside and outside of your house, is strategically placed to deter criminals. However, lights can also be scheduled to come on at a certain time to fit your daily routine or your vacation plans. All of this is under your control right at your fingertips via the smartphone app.


Security locks can be engaged via smartphone if you forget to lock your doors. They can also be disengaged remotely to test them or to let in someone who forgot their keys. You can also use this feature to let someone in to deliver a package or check on your pets.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology lets you monitor your home from anywhere in the world, around the clock. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to keep an eye on your home or to check in on children or elderly family members. You also have the option of connecting to a professionally staffed monitoring station for added peace of mind.

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With so many choices, developing a plan to defend your home against burglary can be overwhelming. You may not know where to start. The licensed staff at Jackson Security Services can take care of all the planning for you. Contact the team today to get started.


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