Medical Alert Devices

Jackson Security Services is committed to ensuring every customer is safe. With Belle and Belle+, nobody has to worry that their loved ones are in distress without assistance. Whether for yourself or for someone you care about, check out the different ways these emergency medical alert devices can provide you peace of mind.

Fall Detection

These devices are great for active individuals. Belle+ is equipped to detect falls, so if you can’t access the call button, a system operator will be notified through the device. This is a fantastic feature for individuals who get out and are active.

Do you jog on your own every morning? Do you have an at-home exercise routine? Do you take the baby for a walk in the stroller every evening? All of these situations make you vulnerable if you don’t have someone with you, but with Belle+, you don’t have to worry you’ll be left alone should you fall and become injured.

Device Tracking

In the case you are otherwise injured or in an unsafe situation, Belle+ offers device tracking. No matter where you are, your loved ones will be able to find you. Both medical alert devices are shower-proof as well, so after a workout, or just at the beginning or end of your day, you can feel safe while cleaning up.

Immediate Communication

More and more people are getting used to immediate communication with the rise of texting, video chats, and other technological forms of communication. Belle and Belle+ work with the AT&T cellular network, connecting you to an operator as soon as you need one.

Just like any other type of technology, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Unlike other types of devices, they’re super simple to use. You can teach your small children or grandchildren how to call the system operator, as well as elderly individuals who may have a hard time with other types of technology.

Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

There is nothing you should let get in the way of protecting yourself and your loved ones. If you are an active individual, or if you simply worry about getting injured when nobody is around to help, it may be time to order Belle or Belle+. With both medical alert systems being a step in the right direction, you’ll feel safer the moment you put the pendant on the necklace. Contact Jackson Security Services today at 205-752-3569 for answers to your questions or to order your medical alert devices today.


Say Hello To Belle & Belle+



We’ve provided safe, reliable protection for years using traditional landline-dependent medical alert systems but with today’s seniors maintaining more of their independence than ever before, it’s time for that to expand. Meet Belle and Belle+, ResponseNow’s mobile medical alert pendants.

Belle and Belle+ are shower-proof mobile help buttons designed to be taken wherever your busy life takes you. Belle uses the AT&T cellular network to connect to an operator during an emergency, while Belle+ uses the same network in addition to GPS information. Belle+ can also detect falls automatically. For more of the similarities and differences please see the chart below.

After pressing the call button or when a fall is detected, the call will be made to a ResponseNow operator. Once connected the operator can do anything from sending emergency services to calling a friend or family member off of your predetermined contacts list.


In addition to the standard call button that can be pushed for help, Belle+ also features fall detection. Using a patented algorithm that measures speed, direction and the impact of each movement a customer makes, Belle+ can automatically go into alarm and contact an emergency operator. As with any fall detection pendant, customers should always press their call button during an emergency if they possess the ability to do so.


Belle+ can be located from an account-registered cell phone by texting “Find [customer’s first name as it appears on account]” to 96225. To register your cell phone with this ability please call 866-795-4321. The ResponseNow system will text back shortly after the request has been made with the location of Belle+ assuming that unit has power.

Please note that requesting tracking for a device places a larger draw on the unit’s battery. It is recommended to charge more frequently if the device is being regularly tracked.









1) Press and hold Belle‘s call button until the call light turns blue.

2) Belle will start ringing. The call is now being placed to the ResponseNow emergency operator.*

3) Operator will answer the call by asking if you are OK.

4) Operator can send any help you may need including emergency services such as the fire department or an ambulance, or can contact a friend or family member on your behalf.

*Call time is determined by the available cellular coverage in the area from which your call is being placed.Test Belle as often as you would like! There is no charge to test.


1) Plug charging cradle into electrical outlet.

2) Place Belle / Belle+ in charging cradle.

3) Keep Belle / Belle+ on charger for three hours to fully charge battery.

Text message and/or email notifications can be setup to inform you or a contact when it’s time to charge. To setup these notifications, please contact customer support at 866.795.4321.

Charge Belle / Belle+ immediately upon receiving the device to ensure you have a full battery.

Belle can last up to 30 days on a single charge. Belle+, due to its fall detection and GPS capabilities, lasts up to 5 days on a single charge.



  • Mobile protection and coverage for both inside and outside the home
  • Fall detection available only with Belle+.
  • Battery lasts up to 30 days on a single charge
  • Works anywhere in U.S. with available AT&T cellular coverage
  • Shower-safe
  • No price increases or long-term contracts to sign
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on all Quarterly plans
  • Pendant worn on necklace only

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