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For business owners, keeping facilities and employees safe is among their top priorities. With Jackson Security Services, you can find that access control systems are an efficient way to manage employee access and prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility.

It may restrict entry onto the property via outside gates, into a building and specific areas within a building. These systems reduce security threats, giving you peace of mind that your assets, including critical data, are safe.

At Jackson Security Services, we assist more than only commercial facilities. Hospitals, government buildings, apartments, and country clubs also utilize these systems. Jackson Security Services offers a way to prevent overcrowding in areas with set occupancy limits and limit employee movement after hours.

These are some of the benefits of our Access Control Systems:

Managed Access Controls

Managed access isn’t just for big businesses and large facilities. It’s for any organization that has assets it wants to protect. With Jackson Security Services, you can find many options when choosing how you allow personnel into restricted areas:
Photo ID cards are often the first step in protecting your premises, particularly if there is gate entry access
Safety locks blend advanced technology with the traditional lock cylinders. This combination of hardware and software improves the ability to lim

it access while enabling ease of use.

Electronic keys are similar to ATM cards. They contain coded access levels in the magnetic stripe on the back.
Biometric fingerprint controlled access uses a scanner to match your prints to those on file. When it matches, access is granted at whatever level and area are programmed.

Access Control | Jackson Security Services

Say Good-bye to Lost Key Headaches

Physical keys can be lost or stolen, leaving a breach in your security. Employees may fail to return their keys when they quit or when duties change. With our Access Security Controls, when a key is lost, or a person leaves your employ, the access card/code can be removed from the system. You don’t need control of the physical keycard to disable it, making it quick and easy to maintain secure facilities.

Restrict Specific Areas

While most people are now familiar with restricted access to the IT department and services, it’s common for human resources and other areas to have additional security, which helps keep sensitive employee information and company data confidential.

Stop Unauthorized Entry

It can be challenging for large businesses to maintain security when a lot of employees are coming and going throughout the day and night. Access Control Systems can help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering and leaving the facility undetected. Without the need for security to check each person, employees can continue their duties with minimal hindrance.

Increase Safety

It’s faster and easier to swipe a card or enter a code than it is to fumble with keys. For employees who must access your facilities at night, it provides peace of mind that they can enter quickly and securely.

Reduce Costs

Anyone who puts their mind to it can obtain and copy a physical key, accessing your premises whenever they wish. When the breach is discovered, the locks must be changed and new keys issued. JSS’ Access control systems enable digital keys to be disabled and codes to be changed, quickly and easily, re-keying locks are unnecessary.

Record Who Enters and Exits

Most businesses, from laboratories, doctors’ offices and clinics to warehouses, tech companies, and storefronts have assets on-site that have a street value. In addition to limiting entry, access security controls maintain a record of everyone who enters the area, so you know who arrives and when.

This enables you to track who arrives on time for work, but if there is a security breach, it can help you pinpoint the problem. When employees or potential thieves know there is security in place, they are less likely to remove it from the premises, reducing property loss.

Access Control | Jackson Security Services

Control Access Across Multiple Buildings

If your business has multiple locations, it can be a challenge ensuring employees have access to only certain areas in each building. Physical keys, sign-in sheets, and other techniques can be a hassle to set up and maintain. With an access control system, you can assign access to individual employees or other authorized individuals easily.

We Take Care of Your Security Needs

It is not only businesses that can benefit from these systems. Apartment complexes with laundry facilities and secured common areas, including those for parking and recreation can ensure tenants have the access they need, without having more keys made. College campuses can ensure students have access to the library, dorms, after-hours classes and more with a single keycard.

When tenants move, and students’ schedules change, the access can be changed or deleted from the system, with or without having physical control of the card.

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Access control systems protect your premises from intruders and protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access and theft. With nearly 50 years in security and state-of-the-art technology, Jackson Security Services is a trusted name in reliable security systems.

Contact us today or call (205) 752-3569 to learn more about how we can customize an access control solution to meet your business needs.


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