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24/7 Monitoring | Jackson Security ServicesWhen it comes to protecting your Tuscaloosa property and your family, having a security system installed is only part of the picture. The gold standard of protection involves 24/7 monitoring security systems that allow your property to be monitored by security professionals at any time of day.

By choosing product types and communication levels, a security system can be customized to fit perfectly with your personal preferences. The professionals at Jackson Security Services can walk you through the steps of choosing a system, system installation, communication and monitoring preferences, and follow-up maintenance, so you know that your protection remains seamless at all times.

Reasons You Might Need 24/7 Security Monitoring

Even though a variety of security system types are available to clients, anyone interested in added accessibility and keeping their property secure at all hours of the day could benefit from a system with 24/7 monitoring. Some situations make this type of security system particularly helpful, so property owners who fall under these categories should take 24/7 security under consideration when deciding on security monitoring.

  • History of security issues in the area
  • Property is a secondary residence or structure
  • Frequent visitation of caregivers, pet sitters, housekeepers or other helpers
  • Children live at the residence
  • Frequent travel for work or vacation
  • Prefer to be able to make setting changes remotely
  • Just want the peace of mind that comes with extensively monitoring your property

What Are The Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring?

Some security systems are set up to trigger an alarm only, while others will trigger an alarm and alert emergency services. Security with 24/7 monitoring takes this a step further, giving you access to monitor your property whenever you want and not just when an emergency occurs. In addition to being able to access your property information, there are several more benefits to choosing a 24/7 level of monitoring with your security system.

  • Remote live streaming video from the security cameras
  • Remote activation and deactivation of the system
  • Remote alarm triggering when an issue is observed
  • Set up a schedule for lights or air-conditioning while away
  • Choice of response to different situations
  • System activity alerts and a historical log of events

How 24/7 Monitoring Security Systems Work

With a large number of security products on the market, it can be hard to know which type of system works best for you. A security system with 24/7 monitoring differs from a standard system due to the communication level between the client and the monitoring company as well as the client and the system itself.

If you have chosen constant monitoring, you have access to communicate with your system and view your property when you want. Jackson Security Services is available at all times of the day. If something suspicious is happening, they can be in touch with you or with emergency services if needed immediately. This constant accessibility will provide you with peace of mind.

Our Security System Technology

Modern security systems provide more technological advances than ever and can be configured to fit the specific needs of your home. A combination of sensors, cameras, alarms, and monitoring is used to keep your property under constant surveillance and protection.

Security systems can be integrated with mobile devices and through the computer by logging in to the security system website. This mobile synchronization means you can make changes to your system or view your property from any location. Advanced integration and user interaction make today’s systems more secure and convenient than ever before.

Your Security System Options

Depending on the system you choose, your system may include a hardwired or wireless setup or a combination of both. A system will have a home base station that is used as the primary controller, but other controllers could include key fobs, mobile devices, secured website login and verbal directions over the phone to the control center.

In addition to the home base station and alarm system, the equipment could include interior and exterior cameras, exterior sirens, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, door and window entry sensors and synchronization with smart lighting and air conditioning control.

Many of the options give you alerts when you are away, including general system activity, camera motion, power outages, open doors or windows and system issues such as a low battery or other equipment errors.

Protect Your Property Today

Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your current security system or want to install a security system for the first time, consider adding technology that includes 24/7 monitoring. Integrated systems with monitoring at all times of the day can give you viewing and interactive access with your Tuscaloosa property and the security company, making sure all of your security bases are covered.

If you are ready to get started on your security system, contact Jackson Security Services or call (205) 752-3569 to set up a consultation. Their reliable and professional team has the experience and expertise to help you pick out the system and options that work best for your personal situation.


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